Marina Bay Sands provides a luxurious restaurant as your meeting place with colleagues and closest relatives. Its best facilities and services can satisfy you with various added values ​​to meet classy quality as a great offer. Below are some of the good points there.

Marina Bay Sands

Varied Classy Menu

Like shopping, you will get instant dollar rewards for lunch or dinner. Not only have fun and unwind after work, but you can also pamper yourself with budget packages and delicious meals.

The menu that is your most excellent chance to get this promo is Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer with American-style burgers as award winners, plus salads, homemade beers, and other menus that are no less indulgent.

Gordon Ramsay hosts this bread street restaurant. That is a place where the enjoyment of one food with another makes the taste richer. Oyster Bar from Daniel Boulud with current season displays for the whole world through French technique as a reflection of Chef Daniel Boulud.

KOMA Singapore offers a modern interpretation of Japanese cuisine and a three-pack for a customized lunch. LAVO Italian Restaurant and Rooftop Bar to sample a range of classy menus while enjoying stunning city views.

Mott 32 Singapore serves award-winning Chinese dishes through dim sum dishes with a distinctive taste. If you want to taste authentic and classic dishes by seven local chefs, you can go to RISE Restaurant.

The Spango bar and lounge also offer classy service through grilled Jamon pork and agnolotti with porcini mushrooms. Yardbirds Southern Table provides a very unique menu with a restaurant feel that will make you comfortable; moreover, the dishes can provide a traditional taste.

A 20% discount on instant dollars can be a valuable and fun gift if you get it right away. The menu and choices are varied; the taste can pamper the tongue.

Private Events

Not only the food and the atmosphere that you can taste, but the service and rent to dining with colleagues, family, or colleagues will also be realized through affordable prices in rooms for private events. This place can elevate private and shared dining experiences to new heights.

Meet the Celebrity Chef

What would happen if you could meet a popular and experienced celebrity chef while enjoying the food that was served? Their flashbacks and experiences, along with their series of awards can give you a lot of motivation.

Are you ready to toast the luxury life with your favorite drink? Get it directly through the facilities at Marina Bay Sands. You can celebrate special occasions and have fun together with your closest relatives.

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